About Us

The Midwest Original Music Festival is the vision of a man who decided to travel down the road of original music many, many, years ago. Looking back through the years of going to local shows and festivals there weren’t many original acts playing up on those big festival stages.

Most gig opportunities for musicians exist in local bars and clubs and that makes sense being that there’s more bar and club type venues around than there are festivals in a given area.

There is definitely a market for original music but it needs to be bigger. Technology gave the original music community a huge bump in market share and has made things a lot easier for original bands and singer/songwriters to promote themselves and deliver their music around the world.

Now M.O.M Fest is here to give another bump to the original music community in the live performance sector by providing an all original performing arts showcase to the general public.

Lot’s of people go out to local bars & clubs for entertainment. When there is carnival, circus, or a festival going on you’ll probably see more people choosing to go there for their good times instead.

If it’s a music festival you can expect that a large percentage of the attendees that are there will be there to hear good music as well as spending time doing something fun with their families. There are fewer opportunities for families to go out and experience great new music. There are fewer opportunities at festivals for original musicians to perform.

The Midwest Original Music Festival was created to increase those opportunities. With the support of the people that choose to come to our event, the support of the original music community, and the support of the wonderful organization that chose to host the Midwest Original Music Festival, we will be here and growing for many years to come.

We would like to thank the Federation of Croatian Societies for helping to make this all possible, all of our friends and volunteers for their hard work and dedication to bringing this event to life, and a very special thank you to the City of Franklin for all of their guidance throughout the long process of developing M.O.M. Fest.