• Artists are allowed a road crew equal to the size of their act. I.E. 3 band members = 3 crew. 5 members = 5 crew. Names of every crew member must be submitted to M.O.M. Fest. Your “road crew” is exactly that. They are not guests. They will be expected to be helping you to and from the stage, on and off the stage, and be your support while on stage.
  • Artists selected to perform will be allowed VIP parking on the day of performance and VIP entrance into the festival all weekend. Due to the number of artists performing each day plus event staff we can’t include additional VIP parking. You will be allowed to park in any general parking areas.
  • Your road crew will also be allowed VIP entrance into the festival all weekend.
  • VIP guest list: All performing musicians can invite 2 additional people that can be put on their VIP list for the day of their performance. Guests will go to the admissions gate with their ID and name of the band that they are a guest of to gain admission. Names must be submitted to M.O.M. Fest.
  • Performing artists will receive an extra 20 single day admission passes. As a thank you for being a part of and supporting M.O.M. Fest. These extras are intended to benefit the performing artists and can be sold or given away at the artist’s discretion.
  • You are allowed and encouraged to sell band merchandise. There will be areas available to set up a tent/booth. You are responsible for bringing tents, chairs, tables, lighting, & extension cords. (100′ cords or longer are recommended) The Midwest Original Music Festival will never charge a fee to artists to sell merchandise nor take a percentage of anything sold. All performing artists will have the option to set up and sell their merchandise everyday throughout the entire festival.


  • Registration is $75 per act and comes with all of the benefits listed above. These monies are used to help pay the sound and light crew as well as the company that builds our stages.
  • Registration is open to artists of all ages, all genres, anywhere on the planet.
  • All submissions WILL be evaluated by M.O.M. Fest staff.
  • We will accept EPK’s, links to video and audio, & hard copy promo that includes audio and/or video samples.
  • No submissions will be accepted without a completed M.O.M. Fest registration form.
  • Backline equipment will be provided for selected artists and will include a minimum of: 5pc drum kit w/hardware, 2 guitar amps/cabs, bass amp/cab, microphones, & full sound & light production. Every performing act will be required to submit a stage plot. This information will make things move smooth & efficiently and alert our sound crews to any need for additional amplification, inputs, and microphones. There will be no additional changeovers allowed.
  • Any musician performing can become a “festival partner” and sell additional tickets.
  • Artists that are not selected will be refunded 100% or can choose to be preregistered for the next years festival regardless of any increase in registration cost. The Midwest Original Music Festival will never take money from anyone just for making a submission.
  • Bands will choose one (1) contact person to send in and receive communications from our festival staff. Your contact persons name, number, & email needs to be listed on your registration form.
  • We will also need a mailing address to send your complimentary passes to as well as any promotional items that we may choose to send. It does not need to be your contact person’s address but we recommend having all festival dealings going through your chosen contact person.

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